Screen Doors

Mosquitoes, for instance. They are never invited, but in Florida, they almost always show up for the party.

And gulls. Perhaps the ultimate freeloaders if you are near a large body of water, gulls beg for food and get uncomfortably close on too many occasions.

Then there’s your neighbor’s dog. He knows you, and he is friendly — maybe too friendly when he smells whatever you have got on the grill.

But if you live by a golf course, the worst culprit for just barging in unannounced is the poorly aimed golf ball. The stray golf ball arrives very quickly and bounces around among your guests — sometimes actually hurting them — before he settles in.

Balcony Enclosures

Balcony enclosure are the most advanced solution to enclose exterior spaces. Our latest generation of products combine the flexibility to enclose and open large openings while protecting your outdoor spaces against weather influences. All our products are made to size and gets customized to be the perfect fit for the application.

Pool Enclosures

Each pool enclosure is custom designed to fit your pool area. We use high grade Aluminum and long lasting, durable screen. A custom pool enclosure offers the best protection against insects and debris from entering your pool. We design, manufacture, and install residential and commercial swimming pool enclosures in Miami.

Screen Rooms

If you are thinking about expanding your home to create a wonderful outside space you can use in all four seasons, consider a Screen Room. It is a spot to enjoy the fresh air and feel closer to nature without getting eaten alive by mosquitos. Our screen rooms are available with two options: flat roof and hip roof. We engineer all our screen rooms to withstand hurricane weather conditions while maximizing visibility. Our product is built by using elite panels that have a Florida product approval.